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Christian Community Bible

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Seek life
:B:1 Love justice, you who rule over the world. Think rightly of God, seek him with simplicity of heart, 2 for he reveals himself to those who do not challenge him and is found by those who do not distrust him.
3 Crooked thinking distances you from God, and his Omnipotence, put to the test, confounds the foolish.
4 Wisdom does not enter the wick ed nor remain in a body that is en slaved to sin. 5 The Holy Spirit who instructs us shuns deceit
6 Wisdom is a spirit, a friend to man, and will not leave the blasphemous unpunished, be cause God knows his inner most feelings, truly sees his thoughts and hears what he says.
7 For God’s spirit has filled the whole world and he who holds together all things, knows each word that is spoken. 8 So whoever speaks unjustly will not escape
10 Remember that a jealous ear hears everything
11 Beware then, of empty com plaints and keep your tongue from faultfinding, since your most secret word will have consequences
13 God did not make death, nor does he rejoice in the destruction of the living. 14 Since he has created everything, all creatures of the universe are for our good
The godless say there is no other life
:B:16 It is the godless that consider death a friend and call for it in every way. They have made a pact with it and they shall justly belong to it.