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Christian Community Bible

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1 Do no evil and evil will not take hold of you.
2 Keep away from wrongdoing and it will leave you alone.
3 Do not sow in the furrows of injustice for fear of reaping its harvest sevenfold.
4 Do not demand authority from the Lord nor from the king a place of honor.
5 Do not make yourself out to be a just man be fore the Lord nor a wise man in front of the king.
6 Do not seek a position of responsibility lest you not be powerful enough to root out injus tice and, overawed by a powerful man, you lose your integrity.
7 Do not offend the city’s assembly
8 Do not commit the same sin twice
9 Do not say, “When I sacrifice to God, the Most High will take into account the num ber of gifts and he will accept them.” 10 Pray with a strong spirit and do not neglect to give alms.
11 Do not despise a man when he is downcast, for there is one who casts down and who raises up.
12 Do not lie about your brother
13 Do not allow yourself any kind of lie for nothing good will come of it.
14 Do not gossip in front of the council of the elders, nor keep on repeating your words in prayer.
15 Do not hate hard work nor the tilling of the land as instituted by the Most High.
16 Do not join the company of sinners, re member that the wrath of God will not be de layed.
17 Remain humble, because the godless are punished with fire and worms.
18 Do not exchange your friend for money, nor a real brother for the gold of Ophir.
19 Do not separate yourself from a wise and good woman, because a gracious wife is worth more than gold.
20 Do not maltreat the servant who works honestly, nor the laborer who works diligently. 21 Love the intelligent slave as yourself and do not deprive him of his freedom.
22 Have you any cattle? Take care of them. If they are profitable to you, keep them.
23 Have you children? Educate them and teach them to obey from their childhood.
24 Have you any daughters? Guard their virginity and do not be indulgent towards them.
25 If you marry off your daughter you will have accomplished something of importance, but give her to an intelligent man.
26 Have you a wife who is according to your liking? Do not send her away. As for the one you dislike, do not trust her.
27 Honor your father with your whole heart and do not be forgetful of the sufferings of your mother.
28 Remember that they gave you birth. How can you repay them for what they have done for you?
29 Reverence the Lord with all your being and respect the priests.
30 Love your Creator with all your strength and do not abandon his ministers.
31 Fear the Lord and honor the priest. Give him the share which has been commanded: the first harvest, the sin-offering, the shoulders of the victims, the holy offerings and the first fruits of sacred things.
32 Stretch out your hand to the poor and you will receive a blessing from the Lord.
33 May your gifts benefit the living and do not forget the dead.
34 Do not turn away from those who weep, and grieve with those who are in sorrow.
35 Do not neglect to visit the sick because it is for such acts that you will be loved.
36 In all your actions remember your last end and you will never sin.