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Christian Community Bible

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Moses, Aaron
1 From Jacob’s descendants the Lord brought forth an upright man who won the favor of everyone and was loved by God and men – Moses. Blessed be his mem ory! 2 The Lord gave him glory equal to his holy angels and power that terrified his enemies. 3 At Moses’ word he halted disaster
4 He chose him from among the living to become holy by being faithful and humble. 5 God let him hear his voice and led him into darkness, where face to face he gave him the commandments, the law of life and knowledge, to teach Jacob the covenant and make his decrees known to Israel.
6 He raised up Aaron, the brother of Moses, a holy man like Moses, of the tribe of Levi. 7 He made an eternal covenant with him and conferred on him the priesthood of the people.
7 He honored him by giving him majesty and putting a glorious robe upon him. 8 His vestments and ornaments were splendid in their perfection – breeches, cloak and ephod. 9 As a fringe to his vestment he gave him pomegranates and many golden bells to tinkle as he walked and to be heard in the Temple as a re minder to his people.
10 The Lord gave Aaron sacred vestments of gold, blue and purple, the work of artists, the pectoral of judgment, the Urim and Thummim, scarlet yarn spun by a craftsman, 11 precious stones with engravings in a setting of gold, the work of a jeweler, to serve as a memorial with their graven inscriptions of the tribes of Israel. 12 He gave him the turban with a golden diadem en graved with the words of his consecration, a superb ornament, expertly crafted and a de light to the eyes.
13 Such things had never been seen before Aaron’s time
14 His sacrifices were to be completely burned twice daily, in perpetuity.
15 It was Moses who consecrated him and anointed him with holy oil. It was for him an eternal covenant and for his descendants, for as long as the heavens would last, to serve the Lord as his priests and bless the people in his name. 16 He chose him from among all the living to offer sacrifice to the Lord and sweet smelling incense as a memorial, to make atonement for the people.
17 The Lord gave him authority to interpret his commandments and utter decisions, to teach Jacob the divine words and enlighten Is rael with his Law. 18 Outsiders conspired against him and were jealous of him in the desert – Dathan, Abiram and their followers and the supporters of Korah, all violent men full of hate. 19 The Lord saw it and was angry
20 He increased Aaron’s glory by giving him a heritage. He allotted to him the first fruits and to begin with, bread in abundance. 21 For their food is the sacrifice offered to the Lord, which he gave to Aaron and his descendants.
22 But he was to inherit no land as patrimony, no special portion was to be his own, for the Lord himself is his portion and inheritance.
23 As for Phinehas, son of Eleazar, he is the third in glory, for he was full of zeal in the fear of the Lord when he stood firm among a rebellious peo ple with noble courage and made atonement for Israel.
24 Consequently, a covenant of peace was concluded with him, making him the leader of the sanctuary and of his people. He and his descendants were to have the dignity of high priesthood forever. 25 It is not like the covenant established with David, the son of Jesse, of the tribe of Ju dah, for the kingship passes only from father to one of his sons, but the heritage of Aaron passes to all his descendants.
26 May the Lord give them wisdom of heart to judge his people with justice, so that their prosperity may not dwindle and their glory may live on in their descendants!