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Christian Community Bible

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Friends and counselors
1 Every friend says, “I am your friend, too,” but some friends are only friends in name.
2 Is it not a deadly grief when a companion or friend turns into an enemy?
3 O evil intention! From where have you sprung, to cover the earth with de ceit?
4 One kind of comrade takes advantage of his friend’s good fortune
6 Do not neglect a friend or forget him once you are wealthy.
7 All advisers give advice but some seek only their own gain.
8 Distrust the person who offers ad vice, lest he take advantage of you
9 Perhaps he says to you, “You are on the right road,” while he keeps his distance, to see what happens to you.
10 Do not seek advice from one who looks at you suspiciously
11 Do not consult a woman about her rival, or a coward about war, or a merchant about exchange rates, or a buyer about selling, or a jealous man about gra titude, or a selfish person about generosity, or an idler about any kind of work, or a casual worker about finishing a job, or a lazy servant about an important task. Do not rely on these people for any advice.
12 But go to a trustworthy man whom you know to be a keeper of the commandments, whose soul re flects your own and who will suffer with you, if you fail.
13 In the end, keep to your own heart’s advice, since no one deserves to be trusted more than your heart.
14 For a man’s soul often gives better advice than seven watchmen placed on a height.
15 Besides all this, implore the Al mighty to guide your steps in the truth.
16 A plan must be at the beginning of all work
17 When you decide, four ways are open before you: 18 good, evil, life and death. Your own decision makes the choice.
19 A clever man may teach many but do no good for himself.
20 A man may be wise, but if his words are rejected he will end up starving,
21 not having won the favor of the Lord and being destitute of all wisdom.
22 Another man is wise for himself. He himself takes advantage of his wisdom.
23 The truly wise man teaches his people, and they benefit by his knowledge.
24 The wise man is full of blessings
25 Man’s days are numbered but Is rael’s days are countless.
26 The wise man will win the confidence of his people
27 My son, test yourself during the course of your life
28 For everything does not suit everybody, nor is everyone satisfied with all things.
29 Do not be insatiable in every pleasure, or be excessive in what you eat