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Christian Community Bible

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Prayer for the deliverance of Israel
:B:1 Have mercy on us, Master, God of all, and look on us
2 Take action against the pagan nations and let them see your power. 3 You have shown them your holiness through what happened to us, so now let us see your great power in acting among them.
4 Let them acknowledge, as we have acknowledged, that there is no God but you, Lord.
5 Give new signs, do fresh wonders, stretch out your hand and be glorified in your strength.
6 Kindle your fury and rouse your anger, destroy your opponents, crush your enemy.
7 Hasten the day, remember your cov enant so that we may speak of your great deeds. 8 Let the survivors be con sumed in fiery wrath, let those who oppress send to perdition. 9 Crush the heads of hostile rulers – those who say they alone count.
10 Gather all the tribes of Jacob, give them back their inheritance as in the beginning.
11 Have pity, Lord, on the people known by your Name, on Israel whom you called your firstborn.
12 Show compassion to the holy city, to Jerusalem where you rest.
13 Fill Zion with the fame of your wonders, and your people with your glory.
14 Confirm the promises made to your people long ago and fulfill the promises made in your name.
15 Reward those who wait for you and fulfill the words of your pro phets.
16 Hear the prayer of your servants, Lord
17 So that all on earth may acknowledge that you are Lord and ever lasting God.
Choosing a wife
18 The stomach takes in all kinds of food but one food is better than another.
19 Just as the tongue can distinguish the fla vor of game, so does the alert mind detect lies.
20 A crooked heart causes sorrow, but an experienced person knows how to get even with him.
21 A woman will accept any husband but some daughters are better than others.
22 Woman’s beauty rejoices people and is beyond all that could be wished for.
23 If she is kindly-spoken and gentle he is the most fortunate of men.
24 When a man marries he acquires a fortune, someone who understands him and who will help and support him.
25 When there is no hedge the property will be destroyed
26 Who would trust a clever robber flitting from town to town? 27 And who would trust a man without a nest, who lodges wherever nightfall finds him?