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Christian Community Bible

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1 The sleeplessness that wealth brings makes a man lose weight
2 The cares of the day prevent sleep
Happy the one who doesn’t go after gold
3 The rich man toils to increase his wealth and then sits back and lives in luxury
5 He who loves gold cannot be righteous
7 Gold is a snare for those who are possessed by love of it. The senseless will be caught in it.
8 Happy is the rich man who has not sinned in this way and has not gone after gold! 9 Who is he? Let us say: Fortunate man! For he has given a wonderful example.
10 Who has been tested in this and found perfect? He has reason to be proud. Who could have sinned but resisted, who could have done wrong and did not do it? 11 His fortune is firmly established and the assembly will acknowledge his generosity.
Dinner parties
:B:12 Are you seated at a lavish banquet? Don’t be over-ready to eat and don’t say, “What a feast!”
13 Remember that a greedy eye is an evil thing. What is worse than such an eye? That is why it was condemned to weep.
14 Do not stretch out your hand to every thing you see or be quick in reaching for a dish. 15 Judge the needs of your fellow guest by your own and in all things act prudently.
16 Eat what is set before you like an educated person and don’t be a glutton, lest you be de tested.
17 Like a well-mannered man, be the first to stop
19 A little is sufficient for a well-bred person
22 Listen to me, my friend, and do not neglect what I say
23 A generous host is appreciated: he is justly praised, 24 but everyone will complain about a stingy host and their complaints will be justified.
25 Do not try to show how much wine you can take, for wine has been the ruin of many. 26 As the furnace tests the temper of steel, so wine proves hearts and makes proud men quarrel.
27 Wine is life for man if taken in moderation. What is life without wine? 28 Wine makes for a glad heart and a cheerful mind, if taken moderately and at the right time. 29 But if taken to excess it brings bitterness of soul, excitement and a fumbling step.
30 Drunkenness inflames the anger of a stupid person to the point of scandal. It reduces his strength and brings him blows. 31 Do not reproach a neighbor during a wine feast, and don’t look down on him when he is merry