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Christian Community Bible

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The hymn of wisdom
:B:1 Listen to wisdom singing her own praises and extolling herself in the midst of her people. 2 See, she opens her mouth in the assembly of the Most High, she glories in herself before the Almighty.
3 I came out from the mouth of God and covered the face of the earth like a mist
5 I alone have seen and understood the vault of the skies and strolled through the depths of the abyss, 6 taking possession of the raging sea and of the earth as well, with all its peoples and nations.
7 In all of these, I looked for a place to rest
8 Then the creator of the universe com manded me, he who created me assigned the place of my rest, “Pitch your tent in Jacob
9 He created me from the beginning, before time began, and I will never cease to be, 10 I celebrate in his presence the liturgy of his Holy Dwelling and this is why I settled in Zion.
11 The Lord let me rest in his beloved city and Jerusalem is the heart of my kingdom. 12 I took root in the people God has favored, in the land of the Lord, in their inheritance.
13 I grew like a cedar in Lebanon, as the cypress on Mount Hermon.
14 I grew like the palm trees in Engedi and the rosebuds of Jericho
15 I poured out my perfume like a fragrant flower, like exquisite myrrh I have given choice scent
16 I spread out my branches like a vine
19 Come to me, you who desire me and take your fill of my fruits. 20 To experience me is sweeter than honey and to possess me sweeter than any honeycomb. 21 Those who eat me will hunger still
23 All this is in the Bible, the Testament of the Most High God, the book of the Law which Moses en trusted to us, the inheritance of the congregations of Israel.
25 This Law feeds the springs of wisdom, like the Pishon or Tigris in the season of fruit. 26 Waters overflowing with understanding come from it, as from the Euphrates and Jordan at harvest time
28 He who comes first is unable to grasp her fully and neither will the last exhaust her. 29 For her thoughts are wider than the sea and her designs, deeper than the abyss.
I have not worked for myself alone
:B:30 I, for my part, went forth like a brook from a river, a stream diverted into a delightful garden. 31 I thought, “Let me irrigate my orchard and water my flowers.” But now my brook has grown into a river and the river, into a sea.
32 May my teaching shine forth like the dawn
34 See, all of you, that I have not worked for myself alone but for all those who seek wisdom.