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Christian Community Bible

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1 Have you sinned, my son? Do not do it again and beg forgiveness for your past sins.
2 Escape from sin as you would from a snake
3 All evil is like a double-edged sword which inflicts wounds past remedy.
4 Violence and pride bring down the rich
5 The poor man’s prayer reaches the ears of the Lord and his judgment will not delay.
6 Whoever hates correction goes the way of sinners
7 The chatterer is known everywhere, but the discreet man recognizes his weak ness.
8 Building a house with borrowed money is like collecting stones for your own tomb.
9 The meeting of sinners is like a pile of rope which will go up in fire and flames.
10 The path of sinners is well paved but it ends in the fiery abyss.
11 He who keeps the Law is in control of his thoughts
12 The man who is not clever will never be taught
13 The wise man’s knowledge spreads out like a flood and his advice is like a spring.
14 The fool’s heart is like a broken glass which cannot hold any teaching.
15 If an educated man hears a wise saying he values it and adds another. If the good-for-nothing hears it he is an noyed and tosses it over his shoulder.
16 The fool’s talk weighs like a load while the wise man’s words give rest.
17 The assembly awaits the wise man’s words
18 The fool’s wisdom is like a house in ruins, the knowledge of the fool amounts to nonsense.
The stupid and foolish
:B:19 As far as the fool is concerned, instruction is no more than handcuffs and fet ters. 20 The idiot laughs aloud while the intelligent man merely smiles quietly.
21 Instruction is like a golden ornament to the shrewd man, like a bracelet on his right arm.
22 The fool steps inside the house immediately, the experienced man would not be so bold. 23 The fool looks in through the door, the polite man remains outside. 24 Listening outside doors reveals a bad upbringing, the up right man would be ashamed of doing so.
25 Strangers speak thoughtlessly of everything, while wise men’s words are carefully weighed. 26 The heart of fools is in their mouth, but the mouth of the wise is in their heart.
27 When the godless man curses his opponent, the curse descends on him self. 28 The slanderer taints himself and makes himself hated by all around him.