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Christian Community Bible

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58 (57)
12God judges judges. God denounces leaders who establish and maintain a corrupt order instead of being agents of his justice.
2 You gods, are your decrees just, and are your judgments upright?
3 No, you willfully commit crimes
4 Even from the womb the wicked go astray
5 They are poisonous like deadly snakes, deaf as the adder 6 that blocks its ears so as not to hear the charmer’s voice casting spells.
7 Break the teeth in their mouths, O God
8 Let them vanish like spilled water
9 Let them be like snails that sink into slime, like untimely births that never see the sun. 10 Like green grass that is burned before the thorns are dry – let them be swept away!
11 The upright will rejoice when they are avenged
12 Then will people say, “Surely the righteous are rewarded