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Christian Community Bible

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55 (54)
9Prayer of the persecuted. The supremacy of money, violence, luxury, prostitution and the exploitation of people. In the midst of a perverted society, the just feel trapped and threatened. Cast your care upon the Lord.
2 Listen to my prayer, O God, do not be deaf to my pleading
3 I am greatly troubled 4 at the outcry of the enemy and the clamor of the wicked.
4 I am distraught at the way they rev ile me and persecute me in their fury.
5 My heart agonizes within me
7 I said, “If I had wings like a dove, I would fly away and be at rest
8 I would seek a home in the desert 9 or hurry to find a cave for shelter from the tempest.”
10 O Lord, shatter their plans. In the city I see strife and violence
12 Forces of tyranny and treachery are at work undermining the city.
13 If it were a rival insulting me, I could bear with him
14 But it is you, an equal of mine, my bosom friend, my companion 15 whose fellowship I enjoyed as we walked together in the house of God.
16 Let death come upon them suddenly, let them go down to the grave alive, for within them evil and mischief thrive.
17 But in God I seek refuge
18 Morning, evening, and even at noon, I cry out my grievance and moan
19 He will deliver me in safety from my opponents, for they are many.
20 God who is enthroned forever will hear me and humble them, for they do not repent nor do they stand in awe of God.
21 My friend has attacked his associates and has violated his pact with them.
22 His words were smoother than but ter, yet war was in his heart
23 Place your burden on the Lord, and he will sustain you, for he never allows the upright to fall.
24 But you, O God, will cast the wicked into a pit