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Christian Community Bible

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39 (38)
23We are nothing before God. Although in giving us his Son, God has given us everything, we possess nothing and continue to wait for everything from his mercy. Show me how frail and fleeting is my life.
2 I said, “I will watch my ways and keep my tongue from sin
3 So I did. But as I kept silent, their happiness made my anguish grow.
4 My heart began to burn within, and finally, I blurted out:
5 “Lord, let me know when my end will come, let me know the number of my days
6 You allow me to live but a short span
7 Humans are mere shadows that go about relentlessly. Being but a breath they toil and rake in wealth, not knowing who will take it next.
8 But now, O Lord, what do I await? All my hope rests in you. 9 Rescue me from all my sins and let me not be derided by fools.
10 I shall keep silent and not open my mouth, since this is your work.
11 Only remove from me your scourge
12 When you want to correct the mortals and punish their sin, you eat like moth what they hold dear. Mortals are a mere puff of wind!
13 Hear, O Lord, my supplication, listen to my cry for protection
14 Turn from me awhile, that I may find relief, before I depart and be no more.”