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Christian Community Bible

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129 (128)
6From its youth, the people of God were persecuted. In the end, their enemies were dispersed, but they remained. To hold on in spite of the difficulties of life is a form of true hope.
1 How they have oppressed me from my youth –
1 let Israel say,
2 how they have oppressed me from my youth –
2 they have not put me down.
3 Upon my back plowers have plowed
3 long and deep furrows
4 But the Lord, who is just,
4 has shattered the yoke of the wicked.
5 May all who hate Zion
5 be thrown into confusion.
6 May they be like grass in the garden,
6 which withers before you uproot it.
7 No reaper sets his hands on it,
7 no one gathers it to fill his arms,
8 nor says of them the passersby,
8 “The blessing of the Lord be upon you!”
8 We bless you in the name of the Lord!