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Christian Community Bible

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12 (11)
7Against the world of lies. Lies, propaganda and the false prophets of the easy life conceal the injustice of every day. God’s word is true, and it will judge the world. In the Word-of-God-made-man, there is no yes and no: in him all the promises of God have become a yes.
2 Help us, O Lord, none of the godly are left, the faithful have vanished. 3 Everyone lies
4 May the Lord cut off insincere lips, every glib tongue that utters de ceit.
5 Many say, “Our strength lies in our tongue, we know how to speak, who will lord it over us?”
6 “The poor are despoiled and the needy suffer, now I will save them,” says the Lord. “I will give them security.”
7 The promises of the Lord are sure and lasting – silver refined in the furnace seven times and freed from dross.
8 Hold us, O Lord, in your keeping