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Christian Community Bible

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114 (113 A)
9The departure from Egypt. The power of God-Savior manifested itself in the first Passover, the departure from Egypt. The resurrection of Christ has touched the universe in a different way.
1 Alleluia!
1 When Israel came out of Egypt,
1 the family of Jacob
1 from a people of foreign language,
2 Judah became his sanctuary,
2 Israel his possession.
3 At his sight the sea fled
3 and the Jordan retreated
4 the mountains skipped like rams,
4 the hills frolicked like lambs.
5 Why is it, sea, that you flee?
5 Jordan, that you turn back?
6 Mountains, that you skip like rams?
6 Hills, that you frolic like lambs?
7 Tremble, O earth, at your Master’s presence,
7 at the presence of the God of Jacob,
8 who turned the rock into a stream,
8 and the flint into a spring.