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Christian Community Bible

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110 (109)
31Word of the Lord to my Lord. The basic force ruling history and the destiny of the world is the victory of Jesus Christ, the Son of God who was made man so that we might share his eternal glory.
1 The Lord said to my Lord,
1 “Sit at my right hand
1 till I make your foes your footstool.”
2 From Zion the Lord will extend your mighty scepter
2 and you will rule in the midst of your enemies.
3 Yours is royal dignity
3 from the day you were born in holy majesty.
3 Like dew from the womb of the dawn,
3 I have begotten you.
4 The Lord has sworn,
4 and he will not take back his word:
4 “You are a priest forever
4 in the order of Melchizedek.”
5 The Lord is at your right hand
5 to crush the kings on his day of wrath.
6 He will judge the nations,
6 heaping up corpses,
6 smashing heads on the wide plain.
7 He has lapped up the water from the brook,
7 this is why he will lift up his head.