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Christian Community Bible

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1 When those who were in the camp heard the cries, they were astounded. 2 Terror and fear fell on them, they no longer controlled themselves but at the same moment they all broke rank and fled by way of the roads across the plain and the mountain. 3 Those who were encamped in the mountains around Bethulia also began to flee. Then the men of Israel, all among them who were capable of fighting, fell on them. 4 Uzziah sent messengers to Betomasthaim, Choba, Kona, and throughout the land of Israel, to announce what had happened and to invite them all to fall upon the enemy and destroy them. 5 When the men of Israel heard this, they threw themselves on the enemy and pursued them as far as Choba. Even those from Jerusalem came, as well as those from all the mountainous region, because they were told what had happened in the camp of their enemies. Those from Gilead and from Galilee caught them on the flank and struck great blows against them until they reached Damascus and its surrounding territory. 6 As for the inhabitants of Bethulia who remained behind, they rushed into the Assyrian camp, pillaged it and thereby greatly enriched them selves. 7 Once they returned from the carnage, the I srael ite men took possession of what remained. Also the people from the villages and farms in the mountains and on the plains seized great booty because there was plenty that they could get.
8 Then the high priest Joa kim and the council of the Elders of Israel in Jerusalem came to hear the good things which the Lord had done for Israel, and to see Judith and congrat ulate her. 9 As soon as they had approached her they blessed her all together and said,
9 “You are the pride and joy of Jeru salem! You are the glory of Isra el. You are the honor of our people.
10 You alone have accomplished all this. You have done great things for Israel and God has blessed your work. May the almighty Lord bless you forever.”
10 And all the people said, “Amen!”
11 All the people pillaged the camp for thirty days. They gave Holofernes’ tent to Judith, with all his silver, his beds, his drinking vessels and all his furniture. She took them, and after harnessing her mule, she prepared her chariots and piled up all these goods in them.
12 All the Israelite women also ran out to see her, they blessed her and a number of them formed a choir in her honor. She took olive branches in her hand and gave some to the women who accompanied her. 13 She and the women with her made crowns of olive leaves. Then she went ahead of the people, leading the women in dance. All the Israelite men followed, clad in their armor, carrying crowns and loudly chanting hymns. 14 Then Judith intoned this hymn of thanksgiving and the entire people of Israel echoed this praise.