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Christian Community Bible

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:B:1 My son, if you have stood bail for your neighbor or guaranteed the word of a stranger
The idlers and the fools
6 You idler, go to the ant, watch her ways and be wise. 7 She has no master, no steward or overseer. 8 She secures food in summer and stores up provisions during harvest time.
9 How long, you idler, are you going to lie around? When do you intend to rise from sleep? 10 A little sleep, a little drow siness and your laziness creeps upon you and then, like a tramp, 11 poverty comes, bringing misery like a vagabond.
12 The villain, the unjust man, goes about with a sneer on his lips, 13 winking his eye, shuffling his feet and beckoning with his finger. 14 His heart is deceitful
16 There are six things Yahweh hates
20 My son, respect your father’s in struction and do not reject your mother’s teaching. 21 Hold them forever in your heart and hang them around your neck. 22 These will guard your footsteps, protect you when you sleep and speak to you on waking.
23 For the commandment is a lamp and the teaching a light
24 It will protect you from the evil wo man, the smooth talking of the stranger. 25 Do not covet her beauty in your heart or let her captivate you with her looks. 26 For the prostitute deserves a piece of bread but the adulteress hunts after your worthy life.
27 Can you hold fire in your pocket without setting fire to your clothes or 28 walk on hot coals without burning your feet? 29 So it is for the man who ap proaches his neighbor’s wife: all who touch her will be punished.
30 One does not condemn the hungry thief who steals to fill his stomach
34 Jealousy inflames the hus band’s heart and when he can take revenge he will have no mercy. 35 He will accept nothing, neither reparation nor lavish gifts.