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Christian Community Bible

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1 He who resists correction will be broken suddenly and without remedy.
2 When the virtuous rule, the people are happy, but they groan when the wicked are in power.
3 He who loves wisdom makes his father happy, but whoever maintains prostitutes will lose his wealth.
4 Through justice a king makes his country prosper
5 The one who flatters his neighbor lays a snare at his feet.
6 In the wicked man’s sins lies a snare for himself, while the upright man runs on rejoicing.
7 The virtuous man is concerned about the problems of the poor
8 Mockers create disturbances in the city but the wise turn troubles away.
9 When the wise man argues with the fool, whether he is annoyed or joking, he will get nowhere.
10 The violent hate the blameless man but the virtuous seek out his presence.
11 The fool gives free rein to his rage
12 When a ruler listens to false reports, all his ministers will be scoundrels.
13 The poor man and usurer have something in common: both receive the light of day from God.
14 The king who judges the poor with justice will affirm his throne forever.
15 Both the stick and rebuke bring wisdom, while the spoilt child brings shame to his mother.
16 When the wicked rule, sin abounds, but the virtuous shall witness their downfall.
17 Correct your son and he will bring you rest
18 Where prophets are lacking, the people get out of hand
19 A slave is not corrected by words
20 You see a man dying to speak? There is more hope for a fool.
21 If you spoil your slave from childhood, he will end up a rebel.
22 The hot-tempered man provokes disputes, his anger multiplies his sins.
23 A man’s pride results in his humiliation, but he who humbles himself will achieve honors.
24 He who shares with the thief harms himself
25 To be afraid of people is a trap
26 Many seek a ruler’s favor but each one’s fate comes from God.
27 The upright man detests the wicked and the evildoer hates the honest man.