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Christian Community Bible

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1 Better a crust of dry bread in peace than the discord of a house full of feasting.
2 A shrewd servant will replace the foolish son of the master and will share the inheritance as one of the brothers.
3 A crucible for silver and a furnace for gold but Yahweh is the tester of hearts.
4 The evil plotter listens to the lips of liars
5 He who mocks the poor insults their Creator, he who laughs at the deprived will not go unpunished.
6 The crown of the aged is their children’s children, the children’s glory is their father.
7 Noble language does not suit the fool and even less do lies suit a prince.
8 The giver of gifts possesses a treasure, wherever he goes he will succeed.
9 Whoever covers over a fault promotes friendships, but he who reveals a word divides friends.
10 A discerning man is more im pressed by a reprimand than a fool is by a hundred lashes.
11 The wicked man seeks nothing but rebellion
12 It is better to meet with a bear deprived of her cubs than with a fool in his foolishness.
13 He who repays good with evil will not rid his house of evil.
14 To begin legal proceedings is like opening a dam
15 To excuse the guilty and condemn the just: both are detestable to Yahweh.
16 What good is money in a fool’s hand? How can he buy wisdom? He has no sense.
17 A friend will love you at all times, a brother has been born to you for times of adversity.
18 He who is full of promises and goes bail for his neighbor has no sense.
19 The sinner loves disputes, the man of arrogant words hastens his own ruin.
20 The man of double-dealing does not find happiness, the sly tongue falls into disgrace.
21 He who fathers a fool has acquired misery, there is no joy for a fool’s father.
22 A joyful heart gives health to the body, while a sad spirit dries up the bones.
23 The corrupt man takes bribes to pervert the course of justice.
24 The discerning man keeps wisdom before his eyes
25 The foolish son is a worry to his father and distress to her who gave him birth.
26 It is not right to fine the upright
27 The prudent of speech are wise
28 Then the fool, if silent, can pass as wise