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Micah was Isaiah’s contemporary. He spoke about the same situation, and yet it is easy to see a striking contrast between the two: Micah, a man from the country; Isaiah, distinguished and learned.
Micah was from Moresheth, a village at the edge of the lowland through which all the armies of Assyria and Egypt passed. He was well acquainted with the suffering and the de struction of war and with the exploitation of the peasants as well. One day God called him and gave him strength, justice and courage to go and denounce Israel’s sins. He spoke in the name of a God whom no one loved and violently denounced the injustices which were practiced everywhere.
Some of the words which Micah addressed to Israel, whose ruin was imminent, were later modified to adapt them to the situation of Jerusalem and of the kingdom of Judah, when they were undergoing a similar crisis.