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Christian Community Bible

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1 Like bewildered birds
1 cast out of their nests,
1 the daughters of Moab
1 stay at the fords of Arnon.
2 From Sela, across the wilderness,
2 they send lambs to the mount of Zion:
2 are they not the rulers of the land?
3 They say: “Take counsel,
3 render decision with justice.
3 Even at high noon
3 let your shade be like the night
3 to hide the fugitives.
3 Do not betray the refugees.
4 Let the outcasts from Moab
4 sojourn among you
4 be a refuge to them
4 against the destroyer.”
4 (When the oppressor is no more
4 and the destruction is over
4 and those who trample the land
4 underfoot have gone,
5 a throne will be established
5 steadfast in love.
5 One from the House of David,
5 for the sake of truth will sit on it
5 he will administer justice swiftly
5 and judge the people righteously.)
6 We have heard of the pride of Moab,
6 of her arrogance and insolence,
6 of her empty pretensions.
7 Let her wail then,
7 and let everyone wail for her.
7 Mourn for the raisin-cakes of Kirha re seth.
8 The fields of Heshbon languish,
8 the vines of Sibmah wither.
8 The tyrants of the nations
8 have trampled down the choicest vines,
8 those that once reached Jazer,
8 spreading towards the desert,
8 stretching out as far as the sea.
9 Therefore I weep as Jazer weeps
9 for the vines of Sibmah.
9 I drench you, O Heshbon,
9 O Elealeh, with my tears!
9 For over your fruit and your vintage
9 have been heard loud battle cheers.
10 But they are gone: joy and gladness
10 have now vanished from your or chards.
10 In the vineyards
10 no more singing is heard,
10 no more shout of joy is raised.
10 In the winepresses
10 no foot treads out wine,
10 no voice shouts in exultation,
10 no heart sings a vintage song.
11 Like a lyre, therefore,
11 my soul moans for Moab
11 my heart pines for Kir-areseth.
12 When Moab appears on the high places,
12 she will only grow weary
12 when she goes to pray at the sanctuary,
12 it will be to no avail.
13 This is the word which Yahweh spoke against Moab in the past. But 14 now Yahweh says, “Within three years, like the years of a servant bound by contract, the glorious power of Moab will have ceased to command respect, her survivors will be very few and feeble.”