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Christian Community Bible

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Song of the saved
1 On that day you will say:
1 “I give praise to you, O Lord.
1 Although you have been angry with me
1 your anger has been appeased
1 and you have consoled me.
2 He is the God of my salvation
2 in him I trust and am not afraid,
2 Yahweh is my strength: him I will praise,
2 the one who saved me.”
3 You will draw water with joy
3 from the very fountain of salvation.
4 Then you will say: “Praise to the Lord,
4 break into songs of joy for him,
4 proclaim his marvellous deeds among the nations
4 and exalt his Name.
5 Sing to the Lord: wonders he has done
5 let these be known all over the earth.
6 Sing for joy, O people of Zion,
6 for great in your midst is the Holy One of Israel.”