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Christian Community Bible

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New regulations for worship
1 He brought me back to the outer east gate of the sanctuary. It was shut. 2 Yahweh said to me, “This gate will be kept shut. No one will open it or go through it, since Yahweh the God of Israel has been through it. And so it must be kept shut. 3 The prince himself, however, may sit there to take his meal in the presence of Yahweh. But he is to enter through the entrance of the gate and leave through the same way.”
4 He led me through the north gate to the front of the House. I looked
10 The Levites who abandoned me when Israel strayed far from me, and followed their idols, must bear the weight of their own sin. 11 They are to be servants in my sanctuary, responsible for guarding the gates and serving the House. They will kill the burnt offering and the sacrifice for the people, and hold themselves at the service of the people. 12 But since they used to be at their service in front of their idols and made Israel sin, (and I have raised my hand against them) it is Yahweh who speaks – they must bear the weight of their sin. 13 They are never to approach me again to perform the priestly office in my presence, or to touch my holy things and my most holy things
15 The levitical priests, the sons of Zadok, who did their duty to me in the sanctuary when the Israelites strayed far from me, may still approach me to serve me. They may stand in my presence to offer me the fat and blood – it is Yahweh who speaks. 16 They may enter my sanctuary and approach my table to serve me