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Christian Community Bible

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1 I looked and saw that in the expanse over the heads of the cherubim there was something re sembling a sapphire stone in the form of a throne. 2 He spoke to the man clothed in linen, “Enter by the space between the wheels under the cherubim, fill your hands with coals of fire from between the cherubim and scatter them over the city.” And I saw him as he entered.
3 The che ru bim stood at the right of the Tem ple when the man entered and the cloud filled the inner court. 4 Then the Glory of Yahweh rose from above the cherubim to the threshold of the Temple and the Temple was filled with the cloud while the court was filled with the radiance of Yah weh’s Glory.
5 The noise of the cherubim’s wings could be heard as far as the outer court, similar to the voice of God Almighty when he thunders. 6 Yet the man clothed in linen had been given the order to take the fire from between the wheels, in the space between the cherubim
16 When the cherubim moved, the wheels moved at their side and when the cherubim raised their wings to rise above the earth, the wheels did not depart from their side. 17 When they stopped, the wheels stopped
18 The Glory of Yahweh went from above the threshold of the house and went to rest on the cherubim. 19 Then the cherubim left, opening their wings and rising above the earth in my sight, and the wheels went with them. They halted at the east gate of the house of Yahweh and the Glory of the God of Israel was over them.
20 These were the living creatures I had seen under the God of Israel on the banks of the river Chebar. I recognized them as cherubim. 21 Each had four faces, each had four wings and they had what seemed like human hands under their wings. 22 As for the appearance of their faces, they were the faces I had seen by the river Chebar, the same likeness. Each one went straight ahead.