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1 Joseph threw himself on his father, wept over him and kissed him. 2 Then as Joseph had instructed them, his physicians embalmed Israel his father. 3 This took a full forty days, the length of time required for embalming. The Egyptians mourned him for seventy days.
4 When the days of mourning were over, Joseph spoke to Pharaoh’s household, “If you wish to show me kindness, please let Pharaoh know 5 that when my father was dying he made me swear that I would bury him in the tomb he had made ready for himself in Canaan. Ask him to let me go up and bury my father. I will come back again.” 6 Pharaoh said, “Go and bury your father as he made you swear to do.”
7 Joseph went up to bury his father and with him went all Pharaoh’s officials, the elders of his household and all the elders of Egypt, 8 as well as all belonging to the household of Joseph, his brothers and his father’s household. Only their children, their flocks and herds were left in the land of Goshen. 9 With the chariots and horsemen that went up with him it was a very im posing caravan. 10 When they came to the threshing floor of Atad, near the Jordan, they carried out a solemn and long lamentation and there Joseph mourned his father for seven days. 11 When the Canaanites witnessed this mourning they said, “This is a solemn mourning ceremony of the Egyptians.” That is why this place which is east of the Jordan was called Abel Mizraim.
12 Jacob’s sons did as he had ordered them. 13 They carried him to the land of Canaan and buried him in the cave in the field of Mach pelah near Mamre that Abra ham had bought from Ephron the Hittite for a burial place.
14 After he had buried his father, Joseph returned to Egypt with his brothers and all those who had gone up with him for the burial.
The last years of Joseph
:B:15 When Joseph’s brothers realized that their father was dead they said, “What if Joseph turns against us in hate because of the evil we did him?” 16 So they sent word to Joseph saying, “Before he died your father told us to say this to you: 17 Please forgive the crime and the sin of your brothers in doing evil to you. Forgive the crime of the servants of your father’s God.” When he was given the message, Joseph wept. 18 His brothers went and threw themselves down before him. “We are your slaves,” they said. 19 But Joseph reassured them, “Don’t be afraid! Am I in the place of God? 20 You intended to do me harm, but God intended to turn it to good in order to bring about what is happening today—the survival of many people. 21 So have no fear! I will provide for you and your little ones.” In this way he touched their hearts and consoled them.
22 Joseph remained in Egypt together with all his father’s family. He lived for a hundred and ten years, 23 long enough to see Ephraim’s great-grandchildren, and also to have the children of Machir, the son of Manasseh, placed on his knees after their birth.
24 Then Joseph said to his brothers, “I am going to die, but God will surely remember you and take you from this country to the land he promised to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.” 25 Joseph then made the sons of Israel swear, saying, “When God comes to bring you out from here, carry my bones with you.” 26 Joseph died at the age of one hundred and ten