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1 Jacob lived in the land where his father had settled, in the land of Canaan. 2 This is the history of Jacob’s family.
Joseph and his brothers
2 [Bol]Joseph, a young man of seventeen, was shepherding the flock with his brothers, the sons of Bilhah and the sons of Zilpah, his father’s wives. Joseph informed his father of the bad reputation they had. 3 Now Israel loved Joseph more than any of his other children, for he was the son of his old age and he had a coat with long sleeves made for him. 4 His brothers who saw that their father loved him more than he loved them, hated him and could no longer speak to him in a friendly way.
5 Joseph had a dream which, when he told it to his brothers, made them hate him the more: 6 “Listen to the dream I had. 7 We were binding sheaves in the field when my sheaf rose and stood up and your sheaves gathered round and bowed down to my sheaf.” 8 His brothers said to him, “So you want to rule us or lord it over us!” They hated him even more be cause of his dreams and what he said.
9 Joseph had another dream which he told to his brothers, “I saw the sun, the moon and seven stars bowing down before me.” 10 When he told this to his father and brothers his father rebuked him, “What is this dream of yours? Are all of us, myself, your mother and your brothers to bow to the ground before you?” 11 His brothers were jealous of him but his father kept in mind what he had said.
Joseph sold by his brothers
:B:12 His brothers had gone to pasture their father’s flock at Shechem, 13 and Israel said to Joseph, “Your brothers are pasturing the flock at Shechem
15 A man met him as he was wander ing through the countryside and said to him, “What are you looking for?” 16 He replied, “I’m looking for my brothers, please tell me where they are pasturing the flock.” 17 The man said, “They have gone from here, for I heard them say: Let’s go to Dothan!” So Joseph went off after his brothers and found them at Dothan.
18 They saw him in the distance and before he reached them, they plotted to kill him. 19 They said to one another, “Here comes the specialist in dreams! 20 Now’s the time! Let’s kill him and throw him into a well. We’ll say a wild animal de voured him. Then we’ll see what his dreams were all about!” 21 But Reu ben heard this and tried to save him from their hands 22 saying, “Let us not kill him
23 So as soon as Joseph arrived, they stripped him of his long-sleeved coat that he wore 24 and then took him and threw him in the well. Now the well was empty, without water.
25 They were sitting for a meal when they looked up and saw a caravan of Ishmaelites coming from Gilead, their camels laden with spices, balm and myrrh, which they were taking down to Egypt. 26 Judah then said to his brothers, “What do we gain by killing our brother and hiding his blood? 27 Come! We’ll sell him to the Ishmaelites and not lay our hands on him, for he is our brother and our own flesh!” His brothers agreed to this.
28 So when the Midianite merchants came along they pulled Joseph up and lifted him out of the well. For twenty pieces of silver they sold Joseph to the Midianites, who took him with them to Egypt. 29 When Reuben went back to the well, Joseph was no longer there. He tore his clothes 30 and returned to his brothers and said, “The boy has disappeared, and what am I to do?”
31 They then took Joseph’s coat, killed a goat and dipped the coat in its blood. 32 They sent the long-sleeved coat and had it taken to their father, saying, “This we have found
36 Meanwhile the Midianites sold Joseph in Egypt to Potiphar, an officer of Pharaoh and the commander of the guard.