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Christian Community Bible

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The Holy Tent
1 The Holy Tent itself you are to make with ten sheets of fine twined linen, of purple wool, violet shade and red, and of crimson wool
7 You are to make sheets of goats’ hair to form a cover over the Holy Tent. There will be eleven sheets. 8 The length of a single sheet is to be thirty cubits, its width four cubits, the eleven sheets to be all of the same size. 9 You must sew five of these sheets together into one sheet, the remaining six into another
10 You must attach fifty loops to the border of the last sheet in one set, and do the same for the border of the last sheet in the second set. 11 You must make fifty bronze clasps and put them into one of the loops, so as to draw the two sets to ge ther to form one tent over the Holy Tent.
12 One sheet will be left over, half of which is to hang over the back of the Holy Tent. 13 This extra cubit is to hang over the sides of the Holy Tent as a covering for it.
14 For the Holy Tent you will make further coverings, one of rams’ skins dyed red, and to spread over this, another covering of fine leather.
15 You are to make frames of acacia wood for the Holy Tent which will stand upright. 16 Each board is to be ten cubits long and one and a half cubits wide. 17 Each board shall have two arms that shall serve to fasten the boards in line
26 You are to make five crossbars of acacia wood to hold together the boards for one side of the tabernacle, 27 and five to hold the boards that form the other side of the Holy Tent. 28 They will run halfway up the boards, from one end to the other. 29 The boards are to be covered with gold, and with gold rings on them to take the cross bars which you are to cover with gold. 30 This is how you are to set up the Holy Tent according to the model shown to you on the mountain.
31 You are to make a veil of purple wool, violet shade and red, of crimson wool, and of fine twined linen